Duke at AHA: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Duke Heart Center brings you highlights of news and commentary from the AHA's annual Scientific Sessions occurring in Chicago.

Clinical Trial Special Report:

A Duke led program designed to speed up heart attack care has led to significant improvements in quality of care after it was extended across North Carolina.

Read more about RACE-ER (PDF)

Video: Dr. Ravi Karra discusses RACE-ER with Dr. Christopher Granger, co-director of RACE

Late Breaking Research Session:

In the preliminary results of a study that could alter clinical practice, a double dose of clopidogrel does not improve cardiovascular outcomes after PCI.

Read more about GRAVITAS (PDF)

Video: Dr. C. Michael Gibson discusses GRAVITAS with study investigator Dr. Matthew Price

Late Breaking Research Session:

Results of the largest study conducted to evaluate the use of omega 3 capsules in one of the most common forms of the arrhythmia found no benefit.

Read more about study (PDF)

Video: Dr. C. Michael Gibson talks with study investigator Dr. Peter Kowey

Clinical Trial Special Report:

Dr. Sunil Rao and Dr. Ravi Karra discuss the primary results of the REVEAL Trial, which evaluated the use of erythropoietin in heart attack patients for reduction of infarct size.

Watch video

More videos from Duke TV:

Dr. Jennifer Li, Dr. C. Michael Gibson, and Grendel Burrell discuss: Lessons from Pediatric Cardiovascular Drug Trials

Dr. Magnus Ohman reviews: TRILOGY: An Update

Dr. Kristin Newby and Dr. Duane Pinto discuss: MURDOCK Study Progress and Substudies

Duke in the News at AHA:

U.S.News & World Report -- New Blood Thinner a Promising Alternative to Warfarin (PDF)

Forbes / Treatments Blog -- Why JNJ Blood Thinner Won't Get Superiority Claim (PDF)

Forbes / Treatments Blog -- From Fish Oil to Snake Oil: Glaxo Fish Oil Pill Bombs In Heart Rhythm Study (PDF)

Los Angeles Times -- Experimental drug could replace burdensome anti-stroke treatment warfarin

Medpage -- AHA: Gut Not Always Right in Heart Medicine

TheHeart.org -- Little to REVEAL: Adding EPO after PCI does not reduce infarct size (membership required)

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